Electrical Solutions

We offer a range of solutions to meet your power needs. From power protection to backup needs, we have you covered.

Don't be at the mercy of the electrical grid. Minimize downtime and protect your assets from power uncertainties like voltage fluctuations, sags and harmonic distortions. More than 90% of equipment failure is due to unreliable, raw mains power, with less than 10% being the result of manufacturing defects or software failure. We are specialists in power protection, conditioning and backup solutions.

UPS and Batteries


Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) provide near-instantaneous electricity from batteries in the event that power supply from the grid is cut-off. We stock 2 types, each better suited to specific application areas. Our skillled technicians will advise on which type will best suit your needs.

Available Options

  • Line interactive UPS
    These UPS offer great comprehensive power protection against surges and spikes, and also provides pure voltage with AC voltage stabilizer. They are easy to install and operate, and have a compact size and built-in self-diagnostic function. They are ideal for backup power for terminal equipment, PC, POS and other similar equipment.
  • Online UPS
    These UPS are designed for harsh environments and are suitable for industrial applications and other mission critical applications. They offer high power factor up to 0.97, full DSP control and online double conversion design. This ensures maximum power reliability for industrial facilities and mission critical systems.
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standby generators

Standby Generators

standby generators

Standy generators are a backup power solution that automatically provides power within seconds in the event of a power outage. We stock a variety of generators for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Available Options

  • Diesel Generators
    These use heavy duty internal combustion diesel engines and high quality alternators suitable for all weather conditions. The engine is mounted on a stainless steel chassis for rust protection and housed in a sound attenuated canopy that reduces noise. They come fitted with user-friendly control modules and easy-to-operate mushroom headed stop buttons.
  • Petrol Generators
    These are small, portable generators ideal for standby and remote site power supply requirements.
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Voltage Stabilizers

voltage stabilizers

Most equipment is made with very little voltage tolerance. Voltage stabilizers automatically rectify voltage fluctuations by eliminating surges, spikes, high or low voltage, power back surges, harmonic power interferences, radio frequency interferences (RFIs) and lightning surges.

To avoid losses from downtime and costly repairs, while extending the life of equipment, insure your operations with a voltage stabilizer from Telefix Soultions.


  • Regulate voltages as low as 90 Vac.
  • Protects equipment from critical voltage levels.
  • LCD panel for monitoring output and input voltage, current, and frequency.
  • Separate control panel for each phase for long-lasting operation and low maintenance.
  • Standard manual bypass switch.
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voltage stabilizers
surge protectors

Surge Protectors

surge protectors

Surge Protectors safeguard your equipment from damage by unreliable mains power by disconnecting power supply to equipment when there is a spike in electricity being supplied, and re-establishing the connection when power levels stabilize.

Surge protectors come in various capacities for use with various devices, or specific equipment.

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Inverter-Based Power Backup Systems

Say goodbye to inconveniences caused by power outages for good with our power backup systems. They provide uninterrupted power to your operations, even during a brief power outage. Long run-times mean that you can keep your home or business running for hours on battery power.

We offer a variety of backup systems depending on your load profile (equipment/appliances you need powered) and how long you would need the backup power (typically how long power outages usually last).

Keep your refrigerator running, security lights and alarm on and work from home uninterrupted during power cuts. Definitely worth the investment.


  • Battery Charger
    Recharges batteries when grid power is available.
  • Batteries
    Store electricial power.
  • Inverter
    Converts DC power from batteries to AC power used by appliances.
  • Transfer Switch
    Automatically switches from grid power to battery power in the event of an outage.
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Home power backup systemHome power backup system