Water Solutions

We build custom and turnkey water supply, storage, treatment and irrigation systems.

We are experienced in the design, implementation and maintenance of water projects from groundwater supply, rainwater harvesting, storage and pumping. We also offer water treatment and filtration services. Our goal is to make reliable and safe water accessible to all our clients, regardless of your location and within budget.

Borehole Services

Borehole drilling services

We provide world-class borehole drilling services for industrial, commercial and domestic applications. We employ the latest borehole drilling technology and machinery.

Our borehole services are end-to-end solutions from site survey to maintenance. We offer Symmetric Drilling, Core Drilling and Geo-technical Drilling.

Borehole drilling services


  • Hydrogeological Surveys
    This is a survey done to establish the water potential of an area. The redulting findings are used to determine the best loaction for drilling and approximate depth.
  • Licensing and permit applications
    We make applications to WARMA, NEMA and county authorities on behalf of our clients for permits.
  • Site Mobilization
    This refers to moving all the equipment, parts, materials, personnel and all items necessary to the drilling site. It also involves setting up and calibrating all equipment and instruments.
  • Drilling
    This is the actual process of sinking a well in the ground to obtain water. Drilling depth is informed by reading from the hydro-geological survey report.
  • Casing and Gravelling
    Casing involves lining the borehole walls with mild steel casings to prevent them from collapsing. Gravelling is the insertion of gravel sand between the borehole walls and steel casings to keeps the casings firmly in position while also filtering out soil and other impurities.
  • Test Pumping
    This is pumping water from a well at aknown yield, and recording the rate and pattern by which the water level within the well changes.
  • Borehole refurbrishment
    This is restoring a borehole that has no water or whose flow rate is very low back to its initial state or even improving its output.
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Borehole drilling services
Borehole drilling services
Water pumps

Water Pumps

Water pumps

We supply and install pumps for various applications. We offer a variety of pump types: solar pumps, hand pumps, submersible and surface pumps. Pump choice will depend mainly on power availability, borehole water potential and the client's budget. Our experienced technicians will advise on the best options for you needs.

Pump related services

  • Pump testing
  • Pump installation
  • Pump repairs
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Water Tanks

Water tower erection

We supply convential plastic water tanks with storage capacities from as little as 1,000 litres up to 10,000 litres. We also design and engineer water towers for large storage solutions. Our engineers are skilled in building various tower designs such as multi-column, single pedestal, fluted column and composite style tanks.

In addition to design-build projects, we also make modification to existing structures such as raising or lowering the tank or replacing the container, roof, or riser.


  • Tank design
  • Shop fabrication
  • Concrete foundation and flat work layout
  • Jumpform design
  • Erection sequence and procedures
  • Tower modifications e.g. raising, lowering, component replacement
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Water tower erection
Swimming pool maintenace

Swimming Pools

Swimming pool maintenace

We offer swimming pool construction and maintenance services. We also supply pool treatment chemicals, tiles, pumps, filters and other accessories.


  • Pool construction.
  • Tile maintenance.
  • Pump service.
  • Filter maintenance.
  • Water pH correction.
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Water Treatment

Reverse osmosis water purification systems

We provide customized, innovative, high-quality water treatment products and systems to supplement your needs and meet regulatory approval standards. These are mainly reverse osmosis and simple filtration systems. Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification technology that uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water.

Treatment Systems

  • Reverse osmosis plants.
  • Under sink osmosis plants.
  • Simple filtration systems.


  • Calcium hypochlorite (65% chlorine).
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) chemicals for membrane systems.
  • Flocculants and coagulants (used to make cloudy water clear by removing suspended particles).


  • Activated carbon (for filtration systems).
  • Graded sand (for filtration systems).
  • Ion exchange resins (for mebrane systems).
  • Valves.
  • UV sterilizers.
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Reverse osmosis water purification systems
Water filtration systems

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems

We supply and install various types of irrigation equipment. We offer overhead irrigation, drip irrigation systems and rain hose kits.

Our kits and accessories are suitable for various applications from farms to golf courses. Choice of which type of system to install is determined by crop type, topography, available water, location and client’s budget.

Irrigation systems

Drip Irrigation Systems

  • Vegetable drip kits.
    These are designed to be crop-specific and can be used for closely or sparsely spaced crops.
  • Button drippers.
    Used mostly for sparsely spaced biannual and perennial crops and have 2 options; adjustable or non-adjustable drippers.
Irrigation systems

Overhead Irrigation Systems

  • Rain gun sprinklers
    High pressure, high volume water sprinklers for diverse crops.
  • Impact sprinklers
    Plastic or brass sprinklers driven by an impact arm. Work under low gravity and high pressure water flow.
  • Pop up sprinklers
    These are set below ground level and are pushed up by high-pressure water. They rotate 360° over a timed period. Used mainly for lawns and goldf courses.
Impact sprinkler

Rain Hose Kits

These are pipes with holes punctured along their length to deliver high-pressure water. Works well in crop nurseries, low-lying vegetable crops, and crops that cannot be drip irrigated such as carrots.

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Plumbing accessories

Pipes and Fittings

Plumbing accessories

We stock a variety of accessories for installation and maintenance of various water systems.


  • Pipes and hoses
  • Washers
  • Joints
  • Wrenches
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